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fLako “The Mesektet”

Chile born producer fLako recently dropped “The Mesektet“, a collection of previously unreleased or only digitally available works from the time up until 2008. This beat compilation is marking the end of an era in his style of production and moving forward into new musical directions. Nevertheless this tape is still smokin’.
You can cop a 2LP over at HHV or purchase digitally via Itunes.
Shout out to homeboy BS80 for the heads up.

fLako – Thats Right

fLako – Mirror Box

fLako – Dwarf Spell (Crazy skit)


Earlier we posted a snippet video of “The Moon Comes Closer” and today PCM finally released this wonderfull compilation LP. You can purchase this dubble LP digitally via bandcamp. Grab a vinyl copy at Rush Hour.

Juj – Mbira Spirit

Killing Skills – Van Dijck Brown