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Oddisee “A Year In”

As a thank you for all of the support he received this past year, Oddisee has put out this 20-track compilation that includes some of his favorite works in 2010. We’ve selected our favorites by putting them in the dewplayers below. Grab the entire album HERE for FREE! (Only the first 1000 downloads are for free.)
Oddisee’s first official solo album “People Hear What They See” is coming in May of 2011.

Trek Life – Might Sound Crazy Ft. Audio Live, Oddisee & Ralph Real

Oddisee – Get In Touch Ft. Trek Life, J Bizness, Richard Wright & Belvi


Earlier we posted a snippet video of “The Moon Comes Closer” and today PCM finally released this wonderfull compilation LP. You can purchase this dubble LP digitally via bandcamp. Grab a vinyl copy at Rush Hour.

Juj – Mbira Spirit

Killing Skills – Van Dijck Brown