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TiRon & Ayomari “What You Waiting On” (video)

This morning started out good! The Cafeteria Line has put out a fresh video treatment for one of my favourite releases of last month. This hilarious video takes it up another notch! “What You Waiting On” is of the “#GoRonnieSessions”, which can be purchased right here. Look back on the previous post for an exclusive download.

TiRon & Ayomari “What You Waiting On”

No better way to start off the day listening to some encouraging words from Tiron. “What You Waiting On” is one of the tracks Tiron has been leaking to promote his next release, “#GoRonnieSessions”, some new and/or unreleased songs. For more leaks check The Cafeteria Line. Go!

TiRon & Ayomari – What You Waiting On
(Right click, save as to download)