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Henning “Trunkfunk Series”

For everybody that still isn’t aware of Arnhem’s finest producer I am happy to present Henning, a dutch beatmaker ‘occasionally behind the keys playing fat synth sounds’! December last year Henning dropped his “Trunkfunk Series“, a 5 track digital album well influenced by that early 1990′s G-Funk, including multi-layered and melodic synthesizers, slow hypnotic grooves, a deep bass and some lazy background vocals. Mark my words, this definitely is some hot shit! Trunkfunk can be downloaded at Henning’s bandcamp page (for free).

Henning – Grand Theft Auto
(Right click, save as to download)

Debilo “Turn My Clock” feat Anqui (video)

We received this soulful submission in our inbox today. Molts Records, a small record label from Barcelona, just released their first record: Debilo’sTurn My Clock“. This hook got me searching for my sunglasses and longing for Springtime!
Check out the remixes of Son Of Kick, BFlecha and Check One over here.

Cee Lo Green “Bodies” (Video)

There it is! I’m glad they chose Salaam Remi produced “Bodies” for the next video. My personal favorite of the The Lady Killer Album.
Mikael Colombu created this amazing video featuring Kerry Washington, Janelle Monae, and Karl Lagerfeld. Just kick back and watch this killer video.

Mar Variation “2u4u”

Mar, one of homelands best soul singers, is here with a tribute to Dilla.
I still got mar’s version of “single” in my daily playlist.
This time Mar brings that “Voodoo” kind of feel to this Slum Village classic.

For those who are not familiar with the Mar Variation project check out

R.I.P Dilla.

Mar Variation – 2u4u

Raphael Saadiq “Good Man” (Video)

We wrote about this Raphael track earlier. This is the second single of Saadiq’s upcoming album “Stone Rollin“(drops in March). This short movie suits perfectly with the vibe and lyrics of “Good Man“. Raphael proves his genius once again.

Live At The Clubhouse Vol.1

We already heard the first 2 tracks of this tape. The next 3 are as live as well. Download the whole tape over here.

Live At The Clubhouse – In (Feat Blu, Freddie Gibbs, Homeboy Sandman)

Tabi Bonney & DJ Smiles Davis “Postcard from Abroad”

Tabi Bonney and DJ Smiles Davis in a speedboat together with Obama and Ghandi, ain’t that some shit. Confuting the album cover, Tabi and Smiles actually teamed up with LRG to release this experimental mixtape entitled “Postcard From Abroad“. The project features several mashup-style productions by Kanye West’s production buddies Million $ Mano and Devo Springsteen. “Sunset Blvd” is one of the tracks that caught my attention. Tabi Bonney’s “Fresh” album will be released in two months.

Tabi Bonney & DJ Smiles Davis – Sunset Blvd ft Phoenix
(Right click, save as to download)

HomeBase NYC: Live At The Clubhouse 2

Live At The Clubhouse is one of my favourite projects at the moment. After Homeboys Sandman’s “Fully Equipped“, they now drop a teaser for Coco’s (Quadron) track ” Sleep“.
Live At The Clubhouse Vol.1 will be released February 9th.

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